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Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel by Craig Rainey
Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel by Craig Rainey
By: Craig Rainey

Dark Motive

A Carson Brand Novel

* Available in Paperback, eBook, Kindle and Nook

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Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel by Craig Rainey
Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel by Craig Rainey
By: Craig Rainey

Dark Motive - A Carson Brand Novel

*Available in Paperback, eBook, Kindle and Nook
Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel by Craig Rainey
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Discover the Secret World Behind the Diplomacy and Rhetoric

I n this action thriller, Carson Brand is hired by a congressional candidate to work in his election campaign. As he gets deeper inside the organization, Brand learns that there is a side to the political process that the voters never see. Brand uncovers questionable tactics, shady operatives, and self-serving donors with agendas of their own. Brand's involvement threatens their plan to rule the country, targeting him for elimination.

Set within the backdrop of demonstrations, protests, campaign rallies, and closed-door donor events, Dark Motive is a gritty, fast-paced thriller that dares to step outside of the accepted belief that the government is for the people and by the people. Although written prior to the current Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests, Dark Motive’s timely political setting is a rich backdrop for an action-packed tale of intrigue and deception, where self-serving politicians and powerful, rich donors manipulate the levers of power.

In this second novel in the Carson Brand series, Brand uncovers and exposes the secret workings of our political system. Exposed is the organized efforts transforming peaceful protests into the blind rage of the mob. Behind the empty promises and the smiling faces of candidates, despite the positive spin the media presents us, the true power brokers behind the scenes are all driven by the same Dark Motive - Power and Control.

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Dark Motive - A Carson Brand Novel

Following his harrowing escape from Mexico, and the deadly clutches of the Mexican Cartel, Carson Brand sets out for Houston in search of the lovely Christina. After learning of her tragic death at the hands of human traffickers, Brand is captured by the feds and offered a deal for his freedom. Faced with the choice of serving as an operative for a clandestine arm of the federal government or years in prison, Brand accepts the deal and enters a rigorous training process. Between training cycles Brand hires on with a political campaign for a congressional candidate. He finds himself working in the kinetic team of the campaign. He soon learns that there is much more behind politicaliticians seeking office than serving the people who elected them.

Chapter 1

HIS NAME WAS ACHMED He tasted fear’s rusty bitterness in his mouth. He knew the fear was no more than his body’s natural reaction to his understanding of what he must do for God. He had learned long before that to consider fear in the course of his service to the destruction of all false faiths, at-Taaghoot, was to consider a blister a deterrent to honest labor. Fear was a natural yet unimportant part of it. His belief and his training subordinated his fear to no more than a bothersome discomfort.

Chapter 2

JOE MERCER BRACED HIMSELF He was convinced many of his group would go to jail today. His participation in these demonstrations had led to his arrest on numerous occasions. Although his name was atop law enforcement’s radical activist watch list, the convolutions of a fickle political landscape had seen to his release each time. His repeated liberation from jail with no subsequent legal backlash confirmed that he was the embodiment of the American way. His first amendment rights were sacrosanct even to those against whom he protested.

Chapter 3

CARSON BRAND ENTERED the littered alleyway...According to the man he had left bleeding and bound on a dirty floor, this was where he would find Christina. In addition to the reluctantly provided information Brand was able to draw from his tormented informant, to ‘enter through the alley in back’ had been uttered with an honesty wrought by that same pain.

Chapter 4

A lean, sinewy black man glared fiercely from the opposite side of the grey corridor. Corded muscles moved beneath his skin like angry pythons within a shining sack. Sweat slick tattoos covered him from the top of his bald head, down his torso and into the black and white striped jumpsuit, draped low where it was tied off at his waist. From their cells, inmates yelled as they craned their necks to get a view of the combatants through rough bars.

Chapter 5

“I want you to go to work for me”, Kilgore replied simply. “As a private citizen everything you have done over the past months are criminal offenses. As a federal asset it could be said that all of those things were done in the line of duty and would likely warrant some type of award or citation.” Brand shook his head at the irony. He wasn’t being given many options.

Chapter 6

The big man went to the locker beside Brand’s bunk. He opened the door then turned, facing Brand. “New meat, stop looking at my dick.” Brand was surprised at the aggression. The naked man looked him in the eye.

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Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel by Craig Rainey

Dark Motive - The Characters

As Carson Brand searches for the kidnapped Christina he enters a world of political corruption and social unrest. His tenuous hold upon his freedom is complicated as he is drawn deeper into a dark world which threatens to undo all he has acheived.

Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel by Craig Rainey

Carson Brand

The Hero: A regular guy with a habit of landing in the middle of contentious situations. His dedication to the beautiful Christina sends him in pursuit of the human traffickers who kidnapped her and took her to the dark streets of Houston, Texas. Brand lands in a trap and it takes all his toughness and courage to escape. The feds have pursued him since he returned to the states, intending for him a role in plans of their own.

Joe Mercer

The hardcase who brings Brand into the kinetic team of Randy Chappell's congressional campaign. Mercer introduces Brand to the violent underbelly of social unrest and mob manipulation, all for the sake of the campaign.

Camille Long

Camille is as strikingly lovely as she is ambitious. Although she is Randy Chappell's fiancee and campaign manager, she has designs on Brand - not exclusively personal in nature.

Agent Kilgore

The DEA agent has pursued Brand for months, following the trail of dead cartel goons since Brand left his old life as an everyman and entered a world of deadly criminals and murderers. His plans for Brand will change the course of his shattered life.

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The novels in the Carson Brand series are available in paperback for those who prefer to clutch and grab their pulp fiction. Additionally, the books are available in digital form including Kindle Nook and digital PDF formats.

Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel by Craig Rainey

Notable Scenes in the Book

Dark Motive - A Carson Brand Novel, is fast paced and clever, with a rough edge. If you enjoy Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne, or any other action thriller series, you will love Carson Brand.

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Craig Rainey

Craig Rainey (1962 - ) is an American film actor, author, screenwriter, and musician. He was born in San Angelo, Texas and lives in Austin. His Texas roots hail back to the original Impresario settlers of Coahuila y Tejas under Stephen F. Austin. He is a military veteran, sales trainer and motivational speaker, and he cowboyed professionally in south Texas. His fiction novels include Massacre at Agua Caliente, Stolen Valor, a Carson Brand Novel, and Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel.

His non-fiction sales training book, The Art of Professional Sales, Handbook for the Career Seller, was released October 2020. As a screenwriter, his scripts have won numerous awards at film festivals including: Best Narrative Period Piece, Most Likely to be Produced as a Movie, and was Official Selection for many more. Craig Rainey won Best Breakout Writer for the script Massacre at Agua Caliente.


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